Q: What is the origin of the name "Big Daddy Caddy"?
A: Two friends of the band members had a landlord who drove a big old Cadillac, smoked big old cigars, and generally, was the "Big Daddy" type. They referred to him as "Big Daddy Caddy". The name sounded cool at the time, so we decided to use it.

Q: Who is "Little Daddy Caddy"?
A: "Little Daddy Caddy" is "Big Daddy Caddy" with acoustic instruments and either no drums, or a small electronic drum pad. We have fun with the name, especially when Tom or a guest drummer is available to perform an acoustic show with us, when we become "Medium Daddy Caddy".

Q: How and when did Big Daddy Caddy form?
A: Big Daddy Caddy played their first official gig at the Brown County Inn in Nashville, Indiana on March 20, 2000. The original members were Russ Bucy and Russ Catanzaro from the band Dr. Bellows, Chris Miller from the band Wooden Friends, Tom Downs from the band Film at 11, and Adam Stambaugh. While the lineup has changed a many number of times, all former members were an integral part of the evolution of Big Daddy Caddy, and our deepest respect and thanks goes out to them.

Q: Does Big Daddy Caddy play for private parties ?
A: Yes. Please contact the band here, and fill out the form as required, giving us all the info we'll need to work with you. We will respond as soon as possible to your request.

Q: Why doesn't Big Daddy Caddy play at a club close to where I live?
A: If there is a club where you would like to see Big Daddy Caddy perform, please provide us the name and location of the club here. We will be glad to contact the club regarding booking the band.

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